Ken Ludema Best Paper Award Winners

1st Place
Comparison of Damage Mechanisms: Acoustic Cavitation versus Series of Single Laser-Induced Bubbles
Stefanie Hanke and Sebastian A. Kaiser
Tuesday, April 27, 8:15 am; Wear 16 - Erosion 1

2nd Place
Modeling contact oxygenation and adhesive wear extension in axisymmetric flat circular fretting interfaces
Soha Nabil Baydoun, Pierre Arnaud and Siegfried Fouvry
Monday, April 26, 10:45 am; Wear 8 - Fretting 2

3rd place (tie)
Understanding the role of glaze layer with aligned images from multiple surface characterization techniques
Chuchu Zhang and Richard W. Neu
Thursday April 29: 11 am; Wear 46: Elevated Temperatures 3

Graphite Lubrication Mechanisms Under High Mechanical Load
Carina Elisabeth Morstein and Martin Dienwiebel
Thursday April 29th, 11 am; Wear 45: Sliding Wear 5

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