PCS Instruments

PCS Instruments

PCS Instruments are global leaders in the tribology test equipment industry.  Established in 1987, we have over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative instruments for analysing the tribological properties of formulations.

In the biotribology field, our instruments play a pivotal role in the development of world class biolubricants, biomaterials and bioformulations.  They give researchers the means to quickly and easily evaluate new formulations and to benchmark their products against other market leading brands.

We have a worldwide user base performing ISO and ASTM standard tests, as well as carrying out cutting edge tribology research in a wide range of industries including food and beverages, orthopaedics, ophthalmology and dentistry.  These specialised research applications have seen our instruments used to test everything from synovial fluid degradation through to the mouth feel of chocolate.

Our instruments are designed with the user in mind, giving them the power to customise testing conditions to suit their demands.  The instruments offer reliable and repeatable testing and feature simple test procedures, intuitive software applications and require minimal bench space.  It is features like these which have made our instruments a top choice for laboratories around the world.

We support our instruments either directly from the UK or through our extensive network of trained distributors, ensuring all our customers receive fast and reliable service and support.

Website: https://pcs-instruments.com/


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